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iSite is your one-stop shop for reaching out to your target group. A Berlin-based agency, we offer web and graphic design, photography, editorial and translation services – all tailored to suit your needs and visions.

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  • Graphic & Web design
  • Photography & Video
  • Editorial
  • PR & Marketing
  • Translation


Each of our four team members is an expert in their respective fields. They will find the best solution for your specific requirements – visually and verbally.

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About Us

iSite is a co-operation of Berlin-based freelancers. It was initiated by Danny O’Connor, an Irish web designer and marketing specialist who came to Berlin in 2010. Meeting and making friends with other freelancing creative spirits, he quickly built a team of communication and design experts who love what they do and who bring passion, commitment and expertise to their work.

With their different personal, educational, cultural and professional backgrounds, they are used to thinking outside the box, working both individually and as a team, interacting with clients and partners and seeing each project they take on not only as a job, but as a unique chance to grow, learn and get better.

Danny O’Connor
Graphic & Web designer

Our Services

Graphic design and Web design are closely related. Today, however, the challenges of web design transcend the classical visual range of graphic ideas and visions towards interactive solutions.

In the age of smartphones and tablets, responsive design is the key to being seen and to gain attention. We will make YOUR web presence both unique enough to be seen, and ‘standard’ enough to work on all devices your clients might use.

“There’s a soul within the silver layer” – the echo of Rudolf Arnheim’s famous description of the photographic medium still resonates with lovers of visual media today. Photography has changed a lot since its invention, from chemical to digital image capturing, from the still to the moving image.

What remains the same is the photographer’s/cinematographer’s passion to visualise YOUR idea. Our two expert photographers are waiting to illustrate your story and bring it to life!

It’s only words? Trust us: it’s much more than that. The right words at the right time can move mountains, change perspectives, and, most of all, reach out to people. This is what you want and what we specialize in. Tell us how you want to come across. Professional? Emotional? Innovative? Reliable? Engaging?

There are no limits. Tell us the story. Tell us YOUR story, your message, your vision, your claim. We will find the right words, as individual as you are, as diverse as your audience is. Available languages: English, German, Swedish and many more through our partners.

If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. Especially in an age where we get flooded with verbal and visual input 24/7 via audiovisual media, Facebook, Twitter etc. Takes some doing to stick out from the masses, don’t you think? Let us be YOUR beacon.

We will help you find exactly the right channels to reach your target group, whether it is conventional print media, YouTube, Social Media or something completely unheard of. We will create your “passion trademark” and make sure it is seen, no matter if you’re marketing products, services, events, or ideas.

In an international and even globalised environment, communication has to overcome borders and language barriers without effort. “Intercultural communication” is much more than plain translation. It implies an understanding of other cultures and mentalities and a willingness to empathise with them.

This is what we specialise in. Having spent years abroad, we will make sure language and national etiquette and customs never gets in between you and YOUR target group. All texts are translated, edited and proofread by native speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

Why you Should choose us

We have all the skills

We take pride in knowing our craft. We believe in learning new skills and getting better all the time. We always use state of the art software to create your project.

We get stuff done

We value efficiency. While we take the time needed to discuss your project thoroughly, we will make it happen today rather than tomorrow.

We love what we do

We are driven by passion. We chose what we do because we believe in it and because we burn for it. This is what makes our work effortless and frees energy we put into your vision.


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Meet The Team

The Workflow: Get your ideas off the ground

Organising the workflow is the first step on the road to a successful project. Hand in hand with you, we will establish a smooth and efficient work process.

1. Mission briefing

Your ideas are our inspiration. We will meet you for a detailed conversation about your wishes and make sure we know your goal before we start.

2. On the launchpad

With the strategic work done, we will leap into the creative part and bring life to your vision as we create your website, visuals, or texts.

3. Mission control

We will report back to you continuously as we move on. In this phase, we are relying on your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think.

4. Liftoff

Depending on our agreements, we hand over the project to you after you approve it or continue to be your partner for update, maintenance and service.


Do you need to contact us,
or maybe you want to leave feedback?

  • Danny O’Connor
  • Zwieseler Straße 40b
  • 10318 Berlin
  • +49 1511 586 0326
  • info(at)isite-design(dot)com
  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon – Fri.